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Autre Chaconne


Francisco Corbetta, arr. for classical guitar, W.M.B. 2016

Domenico Obizzi, transcribed for voice and Chordal Accompaniment W.M.B. 2016

I transcribed this piece intending to convey the character of the piece as nearly as possible. The baroque guitar is different from the modern guitar and it is not always possible to perfectly render a piece of the baroque repertoire on the modern instrument, but I believe this one works pretty well. The original french tablature is available online. It is from the work entitled "La Guitarre Royalle."
I made this transcription for a concert I performed in march, 2016 with Two wonderful singers. I do not read Italian, and cannot guarantee the text, but it is more useable for most modern singers or guitarists than the original. The original can be found online. It was published in the book "Madrigali et Arie a voce sola Di Domenico Obizzi"
Autre Chaconne pdf
Avrette pdf

Amarilla, Mia Bella
This Is pretty similar to the recording I posted. I do know about paralell 5ths and octaves. But I also know from reading baroque guitar tablatures that many guitar composers of the baroque era did not seem to be concerned with such things. I arranged this to sound like alfabetto chords, and I wanted the piece to be mostly strummed, so that is my justification for the harmony. I hope you like it.
If you are interested in more transcriptions of baroque guitar tablatures for modern guitar, please contact me. If I dont have it, I can likely help you find it, or transcribe it for a reasonable fee. 
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